Appointment of Auditors

Appointment of Auditors

All you need to know

Appointment of Auditor is very important in a company that analyses and understands a company’s financial records which to deliver effective analyses and relevant information. Management can use this information to evaluate the company and implement measures necessary to meet their objectives.


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Appointment of Auditors Documents Required

The below following documents to be filed by the company when it appoints a new auditor.

  • Form MGT-14 along with a proof of the resolution in the board meeting.
  • Form ADT-1 to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Besides the above forms, the following information to be provided to the ROC.

  • Name of the new auditor firm.
  • Address of the new auditor firm.
  • Email address and PAN number.
  • A number of years for which the firm is appointed.
  • Details of the resigning auditor firm.
  • Appointment date of the new auditor firm.
  • Digitally signed Form ADT-1 (along with the signature of the director of the company).